Financial, Productivity

Finding balance in your financial house. 

I’ve announced my retirement from my day job. It’s actually 449 days from today. Not that I am counting, but it’s an important data point for setting and achieving my measurable goals. So what does this mean?
I need to maximize my time and save as much money as possible.

A Strategy for Saving Time

Time is a valuable commodity. This year will fly by, so I feel like I can’t waste any of it. With prompts from one of my most valuable mentors, I’ve been thinking about how I use my time, and how I feel while performing various activities. Just thinking about this has made me curb the mindless Facebook trolling, and other non-productive uses of my time. Instead I have been focusing on getting more grounded. Recoginizing signs of stress and when I am overcommitted. Ramping up to be a health coach takes a lot of work and planning. However, none of this effort really feels like work. That’s a sign that it’s my calling! Talk about an affirmation.

Keeping my eye on the prize is what I tell myself. Maintining that single point of focus.

Last week, I revisited the goals and intentions I set six months ago. I did not and would not change a thing. It just goes to show that despite a major surgery in July, and lots of change at my day job, keeping my eye on the prize is paying off.
My best strategy for saving time is simply not to waste it. But that includes time for breathing and reflecting. For saying no when I feel overloaded. For holding myself accountable for my own state of mind.

A Strategy for Saving Money

I have had to define “want” and “need.”

Now that I have a target retirement date, I am asking myself, “do I really need this?” I think I have talked myself out of buying an iPhone X or an iPhone 8 on 3 separate occasions in the last week. I am looking at every purchase with a different lens, and just that way of looking at things has really impacted my behavior. 
This goes back to the single point of focus. I don’t think I have ever been so focused. This feels like a new beginning — the next chapter.
Connecting the dots: budgeting time is as valuable as budgeting your finances. Everyone needs to find their own balance that aligns with their goals and lifestyle. And then stick to the plan. And when something goes awry — stick to the plan. We will all have bumps in the road, but success comes through perseverence.
In the spirit of gratitude — I give thanks to my very wise mentor for her coaching, even when she isn’t coaching.