How do you define “healthy”?

Seems like an easy question, doesn’t it?

Everyone’s definition of healthy can be different. It’s not a number on the scale. It’s not a specific size in your closet. It’s more than the nutrition that’s on your plate. How we nourish ourselves both on and off the plate is important.

Let me help you shape your own definition of healthy.

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Marilyn and OTP are fantastic! Marilyn’s compassionate guidance through the program allowed me to develop a new appreciation of how food and food-for-the-soul are interconnected. I have a much deeper understanding that unfulfilled hungers can lead to poor food choices. Through this program and with Marilyn’s great coaching, I have a wonderful set of tools to create a balanced life and a balanced diet!


“After just my first session with Marilyn, I had tools to take home with me that helped in my weight loss journey. She made me feel comfortable right away. It’s great to meet with someone who can look at my history and help me implement ideas that day. Marilyn is so knowledgable in all aspects of a weight loss journey. She helped me find ways of improving what I was already working on. She is a real life example of how your life and health can improve, and that translates into her coaching.”

Beth L.