Reversing the Regain Program

Getting back on track after weight loss surgery

In my work supporting other bariatric patients, fear of regain is a common theme. For many bariatric patients, the lifelong struggle with obesity is an uphill battle, and the work doesn’t stop after your surgery and initial weight loss. Obesity is a complex disease requiring a lifelong commitment to healthy habits and lifestyle. But regain can happen, and a certain amount is expected.

Are you struggling with regain?

If your weight loss has come to a halt or slowed or you’re starting to see the scale creep up, it might be a good time to check your habits. Are you still following all of your post-surgery nutrition guidelines? Are you moving every day? Are you getting frustrated and ready to throw in the towel?

Don’t give up! Ask for help!

You can recapture that excitement you felt after surgery by getting back to basics. I’ve developed a program that is designed to reconnect you with your “why” for pursuing bariatric surgery, to restore your healthy habits, and to renew your focus.

Let me help you:

  • Get back to basics
  • Restore your healthy habits
  • Reconnect with your surgery program
  • Celebrate your non-scale victories
  • Fuel your body for success
  • Guide you through identifying the right movement for you
  • Find the time for the self-care you need and deserve
  • Overcome mindless or emotional eating
  • Restore your confidence so you can get back on track with your weight loss journey.

Remember, trust the process

This is an investment in yourself, just like your initial surgery. You’ve put in a lot of work so far. It’s time to get your return on your investment by resetting your mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle to support your ongoing weight management for the long term. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’re in it for life!

Ready to Reverse the Regain?